The Gulf Stream has gone ashore

The warm caress flowing out of Mexico brings very much with it. At Andenes and Stø, in Hovden and on the seaward side of Hadseløya, some of what has drifted ashore has been used in art installations.

The RÆK projects were realized as a part of the Gulf Stream Cultural Lift, which began at Andenes in 2001. The art school here completed the project together with artists Bent Aune and Ingrid Larssen. Sundry items from the shoreline were affixed to a transformer shed in the harbour area, painted blue and decorated with words and phrases.

In 2002, the project was expanded. Myre primary school, Husjord School, Romset School and Øksnes Coastal Society created RÆK II with ornament artist Ingrid Larssen as consultant. Artists working on a volunteer basis placed three large wooden beams at Stø. The boulder behind it was given an eye – so that it looks like a whale or wolffish.

Using nine metre-long beams of driftwood and a two-metre tall basalt column from Iceland, artist Harald Oredam and his able assistants created the art installation RÆK III.

On the outer side of Hadseløya, at Taen, a stone spiral has been created, since stones have also drifted with the Gulf Stream. Pupils from Stokmarknes primary school and Hadsel upper secondary created the installation in collaboration with artist Siv Johansen.  A path with a love bench and youthful poetry leads down to RÆK IV.

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