Other outdoor art

The following artworks are placed on the map on our website and are briefly described:

(These work of art and RÆK installations has a blue marker on the map on our website).

BADEBÅT (Bath-boat)
Harald Oredam. Sculpture located across from the gravel football pitch,
Melbu School. Dark larvikite.

BÅTSPANTET (Rib of a boat)
Sculpture that stands at Mardeksbrygga in Stokmarknes. In 1974 the rib of a boat
was found while doing excavating work at a construction site.
It dates from 320–440 AD. Therefore, it belonged to
one of the oldest known clinker-built boats in Northern Scandinavia.

INTERN DIALOG (Internal dialogue)

Harald Oredam, sculpture at the entrance to the newspaper building.
Rådhusgata 2, Sortland, Monzonite.

MANN MED EGET TAK (Man with his own roof)
Harald Oredam, 1987. Bronze sculpture at Breines, inner Sigerfjord,
down on the shoreline. The sculpture is temporary located at Kulturfabrikken Sortland,
it was placed there because of an exhibition of Harald Oredams art.

Gunn Harbitz. At Myre Church. Granite.

PUSTEROM (Breathing space)
Trude Westby Nordmark. A composite sculpture comprising two parts –
a light box and a wooden sculpture. Inspired by Fjellbjørka.
Stands at the entrance to Sortland Upper Secondary School.

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